ZEO Bakers

Zeo Bakery was founded in 2009 and started operating in the Neapolis  of Thessaloniki, producing handmade high quality bakery products. In 2016 it transferred to the new facility of 1.500t.m in Oreokastro Thessaloniki ,place who created and organized according to European standards and meet all modern safety and hygiene standards.

Zeo Bakery

With passion and dedication ZEO Bakers prepares unique products from the freshest ingredients. The wide range of the products includes handmade breadsticks and biscuits cooked and frozen pastries,bakeries and cereal bars. Recently the company started to standardize some of the specific products, such as cereal bars and breadsticks at classic and most original flavors, aimed at retail market and exports. The main priority is the direct service of their customers and also to develop innovatived products and culinary combinations that cover every nutritional need and preference of the constumers.