Ygea Walnut

Ygea Walnut

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No artificial colors,flavours or preservatives.
Hand picked – no added sugar – gluten free – high in fiber.

Nutrition Facts
per 100g:
    of which sugars2,4g
    of which saturates5,0g

Store in cool and dry place

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Ygea Walnuts, a Unique Experience  

Ygea, a Greek pastoral endeavor for the development of herbs and fruits. The company was born on Mount Parnonas, at an altitude of 1.270m, where everything is unpretentious and genuine. Also, the items are considered with utmost care. A blend of the conventional and innovative trend was seen to carry out the family name. Above all, the word Ygea implies health and earth. Among the results of ygea, it provides products ranging from vegetables and natural products to dry organic produce.


Texture and Taste

The walnuts have a globe-like structure with a wrinkly surface. It is a nut that is the product of a walnut tree. Their external covering is hard, whereas the nut is crunchy and soft to touch. However, when walnuts are split into two, you can typically eat it roasted or in their raw form. Besides, walnuts are crunchy, giving a sense of a firm, sweet caramel, and buttery texture. Moreover, in this package, you can find 150gr shelled walnuts.


Nutritional Value of Walnuts

Walnuts have high dietary benefit as it comprises monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats, omega-3, biotin, manganese, molybdenum, vitamin E, and B6. Consequently, walnuts have health supplementing properties and help in the accompanying manners:

  • Bringing down the cholesterol level of the body
  • Contained the most elevated level of polyphenols (antioxidant)
  • Decrease blood pressure and reduce stress

Walnuts in your meal

You can consume them with other dry fruits or cooked meals. Furthermore, you can add it to a bowl of dry organic products containing almonds, figs, raisins, and chokeberries. While sautéing those with olive oil will give a healthy, enrich taste and texture. As a result, they are useful for enhancing brain functioning, boosting the digestive system, elevating the mood, and supplement the heart.



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Meet our producers!

All delicacies come from local, certified Greek producers who ensure they keep all their authentic aromas that give them their distinctive taste.Find more info about walnut’s producer!

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