White Beans Medium

White Beans Medium

2,60 "Inc. Vat"

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Nutritional Value
Total Fat0,9g
Dietary Fiber15,5g

*no added extra salt

Net Weight :500γρ

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Weight0.500 kg


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Our Greek White Beans!

Beans, our national food. And why not, since the taste of our Greek traditional bean soup “Fasolada” will not be found anywhere else in the world. The legumes of the Greek soil have a unique flavour. A taste full of the exact same food in another country is entirely different.

Based in Trilofo, Thessaloniki, the family-owned horafi Grains & Pulses cultivates beans, lentils, chickpeas and chickpea flour. The fertile climate of the area, the soil, the sun and the special care of the producers, resulting in legumes of excellent quality. The beans are sown in late April. Threshing and harvesting, depending on the weather, take place at the end of September.

White Beans rich in protein and carbohydrates

Beans are rich in protein and carbohydrates, which delays the process of digestion. Thus, the feeling of hunger is delayed, the low levels of glucose in the blood are maintained and the feeling of fatigue is significantly reduced. Rich in fibre, beans contribute significantly to constipation that afflicts many adults and many children. Consumption of legumes and especially foods with beans, at least three times a week, benefits the body in every way.

Beans, low in fat, in many cases replace animal protein and are therefore selected by vegetarians. Make bean burgers, with virgin olive oil, herbs, and you will see that their taste will take off the senses. Summer salads with varieties of beans, peppers and cool dressing will offer you a meal full of health and flavour.

Finally, we should mention that beans are very friendly in the pocket of consumers, compared to meat and fish. At a very low cost, we can have a very nutritious food, full of flavour, color and health.


The producer

Horafi Grains & Pulses, is a family business from Trilofo, Thessaloniki. Counts four generations in the cultivation of legumes. He knows very well the way for an excellent result, every sowing.
By making measurements in the soil before each sowing, continuous checks and analyzes on its products, horafi Grains & Pulses guarantees that the result of each crop is unique. In addition to beans, the company grows lentils, chickpeas and also prepares chickpea flour without gluten. White beans rich in fibre and low in fat, in many cases, replace animal protein and are therefore selected in bulk by vegetarians.



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All delicacies come from local, certified Greek producers who ensure they keep all their authentic aromas that give them their distinctive taste.

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