Vegetable Tagliatelle Basket

Vegetable Tagliatelle Basket

66,00 "Inc. Vat"

This basket contains:

Wooden Gift Basket – 30cm x 30cm x 10cm

Alemla – White Alonnisos tuna fish – 212g
Alemla – Smoked  White Alonnisos tuna fish – 212g
Agrozimi – Vegetable Tagliatelle – 400g
Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml
Caper Santorini – 100g
Liasto – Sun-dried Tomatoes – 280g
Jukeros – Chili sauce with mint & caraway – 115g

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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Vegetable Tagliatelle Basket


The vegetable tagliatelle basket is a hearty and healthy addition to your table. It contains Alonnisos tuna fish is of premium quality and taste, and caper Santorini. Moreover, it provides us with a full amount of Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Glass. It also has Sun-dried Tomatoes and Chili sauce with mint & caraway, alongside a wooden gift box. The whole package is a deal-breaker.

Need to know about the basket!

Vegetable tagliatelle basket provides us with enormous options. For instance, it is a movie night, and friends are coming over! Treat them to a delicious tuna pasta dish with colourful vegetable tagliatelle. This basket of Greek products contains all the ingredients you need!

Unique attributes:

The vegetable tagliatelle basket serves us with the option of making delicious contents. Such as, it makes a great pasta sauce when combined with sundried tomatoes, capers and extra virgin olive oil. And most of all, tuna pasta is easy to make and captures the best flavours of the Aegean Sea. Your friends will love it and so will you!

The vegetable tagliatelle serves as quite an option for a corporate gift. It is a hearty basket with nutritional benefits that will earn you hearts. Moreover, you can gift them as a souvenir to visiting close friends and family. The wooden basket is one of a kind.


A vegetable tagliatelle basket is a good option for cutting down on the carbs found in pasta. Furthermore, they also offer a complete set of nutrients. It is a revision of older traditions with a spectacular taste, aroma and health benefits.

A special Christmas Gift box for those who dote on the Greek gastronomy

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