Paprika Pate

Paprika Pate

3,90 "Inc. Vat"

Greek red sweet peppers (80%), blended with extra virgin olive oil and herbs for an authentic Greek appetiser with rich flavour.

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Ingredients: Dehydrated red peppers 80%, Sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil,Vinegar Spices, Garlic

Nutritional Value 
per 100g:


Net Weight:80g
Without preservatives. Keep refrigerated after opening.


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Paprika pate by EON a spicy-sweet treat!

The Greek red sweet peppers, blended with EON extra virgin olive oil and herbs to make paprika pate. It gives an authentic Greek appetizer. The pate’s flavour is rich in taste and aroma. Paprika pate contains dehydrated red peppers, sunflower oil, EON extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, spices, and garlic.

Health benefits:

It is a colourful spice and appetizer derived from red sweet peppers. They offer beneficial compounds that include vitamin A, capsaicin, and carotenoid antioxidants. Moreover, the substances present help in various ways.

  • It may help prevent inflammation
  • Improves your cholesterol health
  • It helps with blood sugar levels.

Uses of Paprika Pate:

Paprika pate as a side dish will give an intoxicating aroma to the host. Served beside a steak or a mix mushroom salad, mix vegetable salad, baked potatoes, and roasted chicken. It fits easily with every dish. Just think outside the zone, and voila! There you have it a new dish and combination.


This paprika pate is a full flavour appetizer that helps with the nauseating feeling one feels before a meal. It can quench the feeling of unease. Its taste is light and savoury, which makes one wants to indulge in the feat. Moreover, it is light on the stomach; one does not feel heavy or full afterward, rather more light and at ease. It serves as an enchanting treat on one’s table that calls out others to have a meal.



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