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Liasto – Greek Sun-dried Tomatoes

Liasto – Greek Sun-dried Tomatoes

5,80 "Inc. Vat"

Ingredients: Sun-dried Tomatoes,Sunflower oil,White wine vinegar,Salt, Savory

Nutritional Value 
per 100:
Energy 982kj/235kcal
Protein 4,0g
Carbohydrate 24,5g
    of which sugar 15,5g
Total Fat 14,0g
    of which saturated 1,1g
Fiber 3,8g
Salt 1,2g


Net Weight:280gr
Drained Weight:180gr
Refrigerate after opening


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Greek Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are ready tomatoes that lose a large portion of their water content by drying out in the Sun. The people would pre-treat the tomatoes with sulfur dioxide or salt before putting in the Sun to improve tone and appearance. Liasto sun-dried tomatoes contain no sulfites, no additives, or different improvers.
Sun-dried tomatoes enable us to appreciate and give essential sustenance in the winter when it is challenging to develop new products. The original history of Sun-dried tomatoes is vague. Italians initially dried their tomatoes on their rooftops during summers.

Unique Quality of Greek Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This product is from the chosen tomato assortments with high lycopene content that is liable for its red tone. Well known for its anti-cancer properties. Where Brix grade is responsible for its sweet taste, itis an item made distinctly from the Greek Earth, Sun, and Sea for salt. Consequently, the Greek tomatoes from Liasto Company are high in Vitamin C and lycopene.
The Greek tomatoes have a sweet-tart flavour that is significantly more powerful than fresh ones. Therefore, the texture is chewier, so hydrating them customarily to their usage is significant if you do not want to cook them in any fluid. Sun-dried tomatoes may likewise be protected in olive oil, alongside different fixings, for example, rosemary, basil, dried paprika, and garlic.

A healthy and tasty choice of meal

In conclusion, the tomatoes infused into any feast is a wise method to remain healthy. Tomatoes supplemented with antioxidants reduce inflammation. Sun-dried tomatoes sauté in olive oil sprinkled with oregano, a nutritional complement for the host.



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