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Kumilio Fig Marmalade

Kumilio Fig Marmalade

5,10 "Inc. Vat"

5.00 out of 5
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Notable glow and natural sweetness, dotted with numerous blond fig seeds.

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Nutritional Value 
per 100g:
Energy 310kcal
Proteins 0,26g
Carbohydrate 74,5g
Total Fat 0,9g
Food Fiber 1,2g
Sodium 69mg

Net Weight:270gr
Ready for consumption

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Weight 0,370 kg

1 review for Kumilio Fig Marmalade

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    a Hungarian customer

    Very delicious marmalade.

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Kumilio Fig Marmalade

It is fascinating that Greece, a small country, provides us with so many treasures in abundance. From ancient times the housewives have invented ways to cook all the goods of the earth differently and deliciously.

The jams, spread on fragrant, freshly baked bread, have always been an integral part of a healthy breakfast. Kumilio made this unique, in taste and benefits, fig jam.  Not any fig. Fig jam from Kimi, where the fig is a product with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Kumilio fig marmalade contains organic figs, without using preservatives. Therefore, the figs remain in their natural state, with an intense and rich taste.

Besides, the fig is globally recognized for its anti-cancer and antioxidant properties and its fantastic action in cases of constipation. In addition, its consumption helps incredibly in fatigue, stimulates the lungs, kidneys and protects against hypertension and strokes.

The local production of Fig Marmalade!

Kumilio is preparing the Fig Marmalade, with its sweet taste and rich nutritional value, in Kimi. From a local family that knows how to appreciate the gifts of nature, fig jam is an ode to taste. It is noteworthy that the only additions to the jar of fig jam are sugar and natural lemon juice. In addition, the lemon, while giving an incredibly delicious note to the taste, is used as a natural preservative. Above all, Kumilio fig marmalade is rich in edible fibres as it retains the properties of fresh fig.

Starting your day by consuming fig jam, you can offer yourself one of the most valuable health gifts.

Above all, you can not imagine the taste that the combination of fig marmalade brings next to a plate of yellow cheeses. Enjoy magic, easily, quickly and above all, healthy.


Kumilio – the company

Cóstas Lámbrou is the family’s liaison with KÍmi. He was born and bred there; a fertile region which, endowed by history with a particular cultural imprint. Nowadays, Kumilio cares of about 500 fg trees at Káddi, a Kími village, where they also keep a small sorting and processing unit.

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