Greek pasta basket

Greek pasta basket

65,10 "Inc. Vat"

This food basket includes:

Organic extra virgin olive oil – 1Lt TIN
Organic oregano – 18gr
Afrina – Fleur De Sel – 200gr

Fava Santorini PDO – 400gr
Orzo – 500gr
Thin bulgur – 500gr
Pearl pasta – 500gr
Vegetable Trahana (Frumenty) – 500gr

Τomato Sauce  – 500gr
Τomato Sauce  – 500gr

Wooden Gift Box

Additional information

Weight5 kg


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Greek pasta basket

Greek pasta basket by Hellenic food basket is a feast of health and taste. The traditional cooking could not get any better than what it has in store for us. This basket is an ode to Greek pasta, combining a great variety of delicacies. Couscous, groats, orzo, frumenty with vegetables and Santorini fava are perfect as main courses or side dishes. 

Unique Attributes of Greek Pasta Basket:

The pasta gift basket is a blend of taste and aroma. A healthy treat to your loved ones. Moreover, the wooden gift box in the basket allows you to be innovative and creative. The box is one of a kind. Not to mention it adorns the set. 

How to Savor the Taste:

The basket perfectly complement fish, meat and vegetable specialities. Moreover, it can also make hearty soups. Cook them in creamy red tomato sauce, add flavour with Organic extra virgin olive oil. That is from the island of Lesvos. Furthermore, season the dish with natural fleur de sel and oregano. Voila! Enjoy the heavenly taste of your Greek pasta dish with family or friends.

A Token of Gratitude!

The Greek pasta basket is a blend that will enhance your lovely relations. Try the dishes of the basket in a gathering such as for a party, picnics, and holiday greetings. You can present them as a token of appreciation to your colleagues and corporate partners. 


All in all, this basket is a nutritious blend of taste and aroma. A hearty treat for your loved ones. A delicious dish with a tasty sauce that will melt your taste buds! Enjoy the flavour and health benefits of the Greek pasta basket. 

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