EON extra virgin olive oil

EON extra virgin olive oil

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EON olive oil is single-variety, from 100% Koroneiki olive, with origin depending on the year, mountainous Laconia or mountainous Sitia. The fruit is harvested by hand and the olive oil is produced by the process of cold pressing. The microclimate of each area, in combination with the dry, rocky soil, results in a very low acidity olive oil, well balanced in bitter and spicy and intensely fruity, with elegant aromas of vegetables reminiscent of freshly cut grass. It is a balanced extra virgin olive oil for use in cooking, cold and hot cooking.


Nutritional Value 
per 100ml:


Saturated 14g
Polyunsaturated 7.4gr
Monounsaturated 77gr
Cholesterol 0gr
Sodium 0gr
Carbohydrate 0gr
Protein 0gr

Additional information

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EON extra virgin olive oil is quite nutritious and the healthiest fat available!
Above all, the EON extra virgin olive is a gift wrapped in a bottle for consumers around the globe. EON is two years old, providing a whole new deli food set by reviving the older traditions.

Unique attributes:

EON extra virgin olive oil is unique in colouring, having deep green with golden hues. Moreover, the aroma gives you a fruity, smooth scent mixed with the woody and vegetal scent of freshly mown green grass. 

Talking about the health benefits:

EON extra virgin oil consists of a fairly modest amount of Vitamin K and Vitamin E. It also contains plenty of healthy fatty acids.

Enriching qualities of EON extra virgin olive oil:

– Helps in preventing strokes.
– It is high in antioxidants. That includes the anti-inflammatory oleocanthal and oleuropein. These are substances that prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing.
– Fighting Alzheimer’s disease.
– Reducing type 2 diabetes.
– Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis.
– It also has antibacterial attributes.


In concluding the content, this olive oil has various aspects that make it unique and enriching. It easily substitutes other oils for cooking. Sautéing the vegetables, stir-frying, deep, and or shallow frying anything up on stove can use EON extra virgin oil. Prepare a mushroom salad sandwich and for garnishing, add EON extra virgin olive oil.



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