Dried Black Trumpets Mushrooms

Dried Black Trumpets Mushrooms

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These delicate funnel-shaped mushrooms are dark brown or black and have an intense earthly flavour when dried. Ideal for vegetarian or meat-based cuisine, dried Black Trumpets add extra taste and lots of beneficial ingredients to any dish.

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Ingredients: Dried mushrooms Craterellus Cornucopioides

Nutritional Value 
per 100g:per serving(5g):
    of which saturated0.78g0g
    of which sugars2.1g0.0g


Net Weight:30g

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Weight0.088 kg


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Dried Black Trumpets Mushrooms

About the product!

The dried black trumpet mushrooms by Drifis Mushrooms are yet another treat for the consumers. The mushrooms are high in energy, however low in fat content. It is a good addition to one’s diet when going for healthier options. 

Texture and flavour of dried black trumpet mushrooms:

The black trumpet mushrooms are delicate funnel-shaped with dark brown or black colour. Additionally, they have an intense earthly flavour and offer a rich, buttery flavour. These are ideal for vegetarian or meat-based cuisine. 

Furthermore, the dried black mushroom trumpet is known as woodsy because of its aroma. The texture is close to that of a soft piece of dry mozzarella. The outside is rather waxy and black. However, the inner part is usually velvety and charcoal grey.

Nutritional benefits:

Dried black Trumpet mushrooms are high in vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy brain and nervous system functions. It also contains some antioxidants.

How can one use them!

Black Trumpet mushrooms are best for cooking such as sautéing, baking, or frying. Other flavours easily overpower Their delicate flavour. Hence, use the mushrooms by themselves. They should also be used in lighter preparations such as pasta, seafood recipes, soups, as a topping on pizza, or a sauce. 


On an ending note, the black trumpet mushroom with their woodsy aroma and the buttery taste is an ideal meal in your diet. Moreover, the mushrooms are heartily taken with vegetable mushroom soup and wine.



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