Caper Santorini

Caper Santorini

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Nomikos Estate - Caper Santorini

Loved for their unique spicy taste, Santorini capers are pickled in brine. They are used as a seasoning in vegetable or legume salads, and make great topping for the traditional fava and other meat or plant based dishes

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Caper Santorini – 100gr


Ingredients:Caper Santorini,Salt

No preservatives
Gluten Free


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Caper Santorini – Fine buds with “magical” properties

Who would have thought that the capers of Santorini, would be so miraculous! In dry places, this precious health treasure grows and is collected every spring and throughout the summer. Capers are usually found in the Greek islands, but Santorini capers have different taste. The volcanic soil has given a unique and immediately recognizable feeling to our taste buds!

Features and properties

With just two calories in each tablespoon, Santorini capers are considered an ideal food for weight loss. Despite the minimal calories, it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and contains a large amount of protein. In addition, the characteristic that makes Santorini caper unique is its high content of flavonoids. Flavonoids are substances with vigorous antioxidant activity – and not only – such as quercetin, rutin and camphor.

Culinary uses of Caper Santorini

Together with the Santorini fava, this product is an ideal proposal for a unique taste. Besides, it is the perfect accompaniment for seafood, fish and legumes as it uniquely enhances the taste of your salad. Using Santorini capers in various sauces, you will realize that it will always be the main ingredient of top flavour. The unique aroma and spicy taste will not leave untouched any lover of quality food.



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