Agrozimi Vegetable Fusilli

Agrozimi Vegetable Fusilli

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Agrozimi vegetable fusilli is mixed with spinach, beetroot, red pepper, and cuttlefish ink, and shaped to hold any sauce well. It is ideal for salads and buffet meals –thanks to its shape, it retains its texture and flavor for hours after serving. A winner with both kids and moms, it is mess-proof and easy to eat.

Ingredients: Semolina from durum wheat, dehydrated vegetables (spinach, beetroot), red pepper, pasteurized squid ink (1%).

Nutrition Facts
per 100g:
    of which saturated0.91%
    of which sugars3.7%

The company manages in its premises, egg and celery.

Net weight : 500gr

Preserve at room temperature, in a cool dark and dry place.

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg


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Agrozimi vegetable fusilli is another addition by Agrozimi. Fusilli pasta was born in Italy and shaped after the windings of the yarn around the spindle. Agrozimi fusilli holds any sauce well. It is ideal for salads and buffet meals, thanks to its shape. Moreover, it retains its texture and flavour for hours. It won the hearts of both kids and moms. They are mess proof and easy to eat.

Agrozimi and their unique affiliation to Greece!

Agrozimi built up a lot of involvement and skill in sourcing flour. They have enduring associations with grain makers for more than 50 years. Moreover, they focused on being fully informed regarding the most recent advances in pasta. They utilize bleeding-edge apparatus to make the best of food science ability.

More about Agrozimi Vegetable Fusilli:

Agrozimi vegetable fusilli mixed with spinach, beetroot, red pepper, and cuttlefish ink is a healthy taste. It constitutes Semolina from durum wheat, dehydrated vegetables such as spinach and beetroot. Moreover, red pepper and pasteurized squid ink are also present.

Attributes associated with them!

Agrozimi vegetable fusilli have high nutrients. It is rich in proteins. Moreover, when combined with food products rich with protein they are a good combination for health. Salads, sauces such as tomato sauce, and pesto sauce are a good combo to try out. One can never limit itself to a finite world of cooking and food.


Last but not least listen to the taste that Agrozimi provides with a blend of vegetables and carbs all in one!



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