Agrozimi Linguine

Agrozimi Linguine

3,20 "Inc. Vat"

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina.

Nutrition Facts
per 100g:
    of which saturated0.91%
    of which sugars3.7%

The company manages in its premises, egg and celery.

Net weight : 500gr

Preserve at room temperature, in a cool dark and dry place.

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg


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Agrozimi linguine is a pasta similar to fettuccine and trenette.  It is thin, long about 4 millimetres in width. That is wider than spaghetti but not as wide as fettuccine. Moreover, the name linguine means little tongues in Italian.

Attributes and qualities associated with Agrozimi linguine!

Agrozimi linguine is easily enjoyed on its own. Stirred in EON extra virgin olive oil, a hint of garlic, and freshly chopped parsley. They can also accompany a high-end meat cut for unforgettable culinary delights. It is traditionally served with sauces such as pesto. However, other sauces such as tomato or fish-based sauces are also popular.

An adornment added to the table!

Agrozimi linguine serves as an adornment and appeal for eating together. It is a dish that will make a hit at your most formal dinner parties. For instance, a platter of plain linguini in the middle of a dinner table transforms every meal into a lavish feast. Moreover, pair them with lobster or shrimps and bring the sea to your table.


Agrozimi linguine is a food that everyone enjoys no matter the recipe! In the old days of Greece villages, pasta was usually made during the summer. They were dried out naturally and kept in the house cellar in order to be served in the winter. Nowadays, one can just easily shop with the touch of a finger.



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