Agrozimi Handmade Sweet Trahana (Frumenty)

Agrozimi Handmade Sweet Trahana (Frumenty)

3,10 "Inc. Vat"

Handmade Sweet Trahana

One of the most traditional Greek products

A Mediterranean durum wheat flour & fresh pasteurised whole cow's milk product, full nutritional in fibres, proteins, carbohydrates & magnesium.

Ingredients: Durum wheat flour | Fresh pasteurised whole cow’s milk

Nutrition Facts
per 100g:
    of which saturated1.1%
    of which sugars4.6%


The company manages in its premises, egg and celery.

Net weight : 500gr

Preserve at room temperature, in a cool dark and dry place.

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg


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Agrozimi handmade sweet trahana is one of the most traditional Greek products. It is a Mediterranean durum wheat flour and fresh pasteurized whole cow’s milk product. Moreover, it is full of nutritious components. Such as fibres, proteins, carbohydrates & magnesium.

Fun Facts about Agrozimi Handmade Sweet Trahana:

Agrozimi handmade sweet trahana is a classic product that is bustling with time-honoured flavours. The components of the trahana are naturally air-dried, then crumbled through a sieve. Furthermore, you can quickly turn it into a gourmet soup. With the help of a few Gruyère shavings and a sprinkling of finely chopped parsley, a hearty meal is ready.

The Options or Combinations for Trahana!

Agrozimi handmade sweet trahana is easily blended in soups with a sprinkling of feta cheese and a dash of oregano used as toppings. It is a greatest comfort food.

More about Agrozimi Handmade Sweet Trahana:

Handmade Sweet Trahana is one of the first fast-food dishes! It is a quick and healthy dish made with pure ingredients. Moreover, it has a high nutritional value. Besides, it is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and B-glucan fibre. These components provide energy, increase satiety, and help keep up a low cholesterol level.


All in all, the unique handmade sweet trahana is a healthy blend. That is rich in taste and texture. A quick snack fuelling us with energy when we are lagging behind. A hearty combo of soup garnished with parsley and cheese. What are you waiting to grab your packages and enjoy!



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