Kumilio figs

Cóstas Lámbrou is the family’s liaison with KÍmi – otherwise called “balcony of the Aegean” – as he was born and bred there; a fertile region which, endowed by history with a particular cultural imprint, has been a source of inspiration for the family. This strong bond along with their love for the fgs, the most precious local product, has led their decision to create KumÍlio so as to convey their perception of nature, their land and its community’s tradition. Nowadays, they are taking care of about 500 fg trees at Káddi, a Kími village, where they also keep a small sorting and processing unit.

The process that Kumilio is following today is the same as it ever was.
The delicate nature of the fig, excludes any mechanical processing.

Collecting, laying them on racks for sun drying and matching in pairs can only be done by hand. From cropping down to packaging each single fig may go through the producer’s hands as many as even 20 times!
This is why we call them:
By nature, handpicked!

Since 1993, KÍmi figs have been acknowledged by the European Union as a P.D.O. product.

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