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Extra Virgin Olive Οil

Healthy cooking & lifestyle with extra virgin olive oil.
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Greece has a very long tradition in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Crete and Peloponnese are among the most renowned Greek sites for olive oil production due to their fertile land and unique microclimate that truly benefit the trees. These great locations along with the special care provided to the trees by the producers and the most advanced olive oil production methods that are used, ensure exceptional extra virgin olive oil of superior nutritional value with elegant aroma and rich taste.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is on the basis of the Mediterranean Diet pyramid, so it makes the perfect ingredient for healthy and nutritious cooking. You can use it daily to give extra flavor in fresh salads, drizzle it in soups, in pies or any plant or meat-based dish. Research has also shown that extra virgin olive oil has healing properties as it is rich in polyphenols and other beneficial ingredients, making it indispensable for our health.
In our e-shop you will find superior extra virgin olive oil, as well as organic extra virgin olive oil from Sitia, Crete, in various sizes, to buy individually or match it with a wide range of delicious Greek products.

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