Wine Gift Basket

Wine Gift Basket

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A special basket for special people! Wine lovers will be delighted with this basket. It features a bottle of dry white wine paired with carefully selected appetisers and ingredients to create amazing matching dishes with a Greek summer flavour.

Pieria Eratini Winery – Chardonnay Assyrtiko – Alcohol: 14% – 0.75lt
Food Pairing: Dishes with lemon sauce, Green Salads, Pork, Rich fish, Vegetarian

The Naked Queen by Pieria Eratini winery is an authentic Greek product. It is a combination of the Greek variety Assyrtiko and the internationally recognized Chardonnay. With its golden colour, robust mouth feel and fine aromas of exotic fruits, citrus, nuts and vanilla. This wine perfectly complements rich green salads, aged gruyere, risottos, dishes cooked in lemon sauce, pork and fish.

The sundried tomato breadsticks and vegetable pate in this “Wine Gift Basket” work perfectly as apettisers. The Santorini capers are a delicious topping for fava – the ultimate Greek meze dish – or can be used as an ingredient in salads.
The delicious porcini mushrooms give a delicate flavour to any risotto. While the black truffle mustard adds a finer taste to meat dishes and salad dressings alike. Organic oregano and thyme spice up any dish with their unique aroma.

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