Hellenic Food Basket

Vegetable Fusilli basket

Vegetable Fusilli basket

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Pasta is a classic favourite and this basket is filled with flavoursome Greek products that can be combined into a delicious pasta meal, for any time of the day and any occasion.

This Vegetable Fusilli pasta is kneaded with Mediterranean ingredients such as spinach, beetroot, red pepper and cuttlefish ink. It is a great option for veggie pasta salads to take along for your lunch break at the office or to share with your beloved ones at home. It can perfectly stand as a buffet meal too, as the pasta texture remains unchanged after cooking and their taste is gorgeous.

Black and green olives, hand-picked Santorini capers and juicy tomato sauce with herbs are the perfect match for the Vegetable Fusilli pasta. Sprinkle your dish with organic thyme or oregano and organic extra virgin olive oil and you have an incredibly tasteful, aromatic Greek pasta dish to enjoy!