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Eros & Phyche – Wine Basket

Eros & Phyche – Wine Basket

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Eros & Phyche – Wine Basket.

This basket combines Eros & Psyche wines, dry red and white, with carefully selected appetisers. A wonderful surprise for wine lovers!

Eros & Phyche - Wine Basket

It contains two bottles of Greek wine by Pieria Erateini Winery, a dry white and a dry red, so that they can be matched with a wide variety of dishes. The basket also contains tasty bites, such as Vegetable & Sundried tomato Paté, and other delectable delicacies, like Mushroom Chutney with Chili, Curry & Orange,Mushroom Chutney with Coriander & allspice &
Mushroom Saganaki.
Είναι πραγματικά ιδανικά συστατικά για βουτιές ή γαρνιτούρες για καναπεδάκια και άλλα νόστιμα ορεκτικά που θα λατρέψουν όλοι.

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