BeeWell was established by a new beekeeper, Orestis Loukeris, with the aim of continuing and further evolving the age-old tradition of nomadic beekeeping on the island of Euboea, by placing his bee hives in areas with rich and varied flowering plants.

His love for the nature and beekeeping led to the discovery of little known spots of unparalleled natural beauty on his home island. He also found out that each year’s harvest is pleasantly different from the previous one’s.

His respect for the bee and human values led to his use of mild organic practices with the least possible manipulation of the hives, resulting in the production of natural, unprocessed, bee products of high nutritional value and taste, without any artificial flavouring or chemicals.

BeeWell products

Thyme Honey

Pine Honey

Forest Honey

Orange blossom Honey

Fresh bee pollen – Propolis

Comb Honey (honey comb with honey) – Royal jelly


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