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About Us

We are a knowledgeable team of young entrepreneurs who are inspired by the uniqueness of Hellenic products.

The life-giving warmth of the sun, the breezy Aegean Sea and the fertile soil of the Greek land are those special features that give the aroma, the flavor and the high nutritional value to every Greek product.Our vision is to spread the word about the abundance of the Greek land and make Greek products world-famous.

Dedicated to our customer’s needs, we are ready to share our knowledge and provide our services quickly, responsibly and efficiently

We love Hellenic Food and we know how to find premium, top-quality products.


– We know how to select products of the highest quality straight from the best Greek producers.

– With our online store you ensure the quality of each and every product we provide.

– You can get the products you have picked quickly and reliably at your door.

– Our priority is to meet your expectations with our quality products and effective services.

After extensive research, we get in touch with professional producers, we evaluate their products and if they meet our quality requirements they become available in online store to be purchased individually or in our ready-made gift baskets.

We endeavor to enrich our store with the best quality Greek products. If you are looking for a product that is not yet available in our online store, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Because Greek products are an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and are world-renowned in terms of quality and taste.

We want to spread the uniqueness of Greek products across the globe and make them widely known.


Our head office is located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Through several trips across the country, we come in contact with various producers whose products are carefully evaluated before we select them for our online store.


The Mediterranean diet ranks worldwide as one of the best diets rich in nutrients.

It contributes to a better quality of life and ensures longevity. It is known to prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases.

In 2010, UNESCO included the Mediterranean diet in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Trust our products and services and ensure a better way of life.