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Terra Fyllida



In Terra Fyllida we produce innovative products from fresh mushrooms and as mushroom lovers our aim is to promote their high nutritional value . We create products of excellent quality from pure fresh ingredients , without preservatives , additives or flavor enhancers.

Our harmonious flavors and spices invite you to try the mushrooms in a different way ” in salty dishes or sweet ones , on daily or formal dinners , satisfying every taste ! In our modern facilities in Nea Zichni of Serres , we apply the international Food Safety Management Standard ISO 22000 for which we have been certified by the competent institutions


TERRA FYLLIDA | Premium Mushroom Products

TERRA-FYLLIDA-Mushroom Saganaki with mustard & lemon dressing
TERRA-FYLLIDA-Mushroom Saganaki with ouzo & tomato