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Eon Flavours

Eon Flavours


originally meant “life” or “being” and over time it was understood to mean “age”, “forever” or “for eternity”. It is a Latin transliteration from the koine Greek word αιών (ho aion), from the archaic αιών (aiwon).

EON is new Greece

Eclectic Flavours is a boutique company formed just two years ago, part of a wider set of innovative companies regenerating Greece’s economy by offering a broad range of timeless Greek deli foods in a new manner. EON has selected our favourite Greek foods and injected enthusiasm in their production, featuring truly ethical manufacturing, in which finished goods are literally made by hand. Like many other newcomers, EON is part of a new legacy, building on old culinary secrets and the craft of making complicated, labour-intensive Greek delicatessen.  The production process is unique, building on Greece’s new food cottage industry, with many individual small units springing up all across the country. As a result these small units are the backbone of our production, with women from rural areas doing what they always did best: handcrafting taste.

Hellenic Food Basket | EON Flavours

EON brings you the quality and deliciousness of old Greece with a production process and business culture of the future.


Vegetable Pate
Paprika Pate
Sundried Tomato Pate
ΕΟΝ extra virgin olive oil
Honey with Wholegrain Tahini
Pine honey with Mastic
EON_Honey with Tahini & Dark Chocο2